In the hallway at Parkland, Secret Service agents & JFK’s staff roll the casket bearing the body of the President toward the exit.  Dr. Rose & a police officer block their path.

Agent Roy Kellerman says:

“Sir with all due respect, I’m the Special Agent in Charge of the White House Detail of the Secret Service.  This is the body of the President of the United States and we are taking it back to Washington.”*

Rose is not intimidated.

“This homicide happened in Dallas County.  Under the law there must be an autopsy.”*
*from The Kennedy Detail by Gerald Blaine
Ken O’Donnell, JFK’s appointments secretary, wants Rose to make an exception for the President.  
Rose says:
“In the eyes of the law, it’s just another homicide.”

The agents & Kennedy staff have heard enough.  They force their way through pushing Rose & the police officer aside.  

The casket is loaded into the hearse waiting outside as Mrs. Kennedy watches.

                 Parkland Emergency Entrance
                              November 22, 1963
                     Photo by Ceicil Stoughton
                               JFK Library Photo


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I grew up in the 60s & JFK became my hero. JFK's Presidency ushered in an era of hope & promise. JFK 50, posted daily since November 2010, highlights the key events relating to JFK in an "on this day in history" format with postings reading as if published in a newspaper on the day of the event.
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